Increase Retention. Reduce Abuse.

A Referee Management System to increase retention, reduce abuse and elevate performance for your Referees.

Increase Retention. Reduce Abuse.

Keep More Referees

Most leagues lose around 40% of their Referees every year! We want you to understand the problems facing referees and enable you to prevent high numbers of referee turnover.

Keep More Referees

Why do Your Referees Quit?

Track referee well-being to quickly identify referees who are at risk, enabling you to take action and ensure their well-being is looked after.

Monitor Referee Abuse

Nothing ruins the sporting environment more than referee abuse from coaches, parents and players. Create a system of accountability with our solution, enabling you to prevent further abuse of officials. You’ll receive match-by-match reports on crowd behaviour to help prevent abuse.

Keep More Referees

Keep More Referees

Identify Your Best Referees

You will have access to performance metrics for each referee and the entire group to help you tailor your coaching to best suit your refereeing team.

How it Works

The solution you’ve been waiting for to manage retention, referee performance and team behavior.

Referee Managers

Real-time data from your referees, enabling you to prevent abuse, identify top referees and manage team behaviour.


Use our smartphone app to provide a self-assessment of their performance, team behaviour ratings and overall well-being.

Assessors & Observers

Complete your custom built assessments on a mobile or tablet app and submit straight to referee managers and referees.

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Frustrated about your high referee turnover rate? There’s nothing worse than wanting to help but not knowing where to start, or worse, where the problems are. Now you can ditch Jotforms, Spreadsheets, Google Docs, or some other messy processes. Simplify the data collection process and spend your time providing assistance where its required. Get in touch below for a free demo.

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