Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between RefLIVE for referees and RefLIVE for leagues?

We provide a free app for referees that allows them to improve their performance and digitise match day. We offer a Referee Management System for leagues to monitor the safety and well-being of their referees and improve overall performance.

Does every referee in our league need to buy a smartwatch?

No, we have a mobile interface that allows referees to add insights for their managers to monitor safety and performance.

Can my league send me the player details before a match so I don’t have to type them in?

Absolutely! Get in touch with us via the contact us page and let us know where you’re from and what competition you referee in.

What smartwatches is the RefLIVE app compatible with?

Our app has been optimised for Apple Watches and Android Wear compatible watches.

Can I use the app for matches that are less than 11 v 11 ?

Yes! Provided  the number of starting players for each team is equal. For example 5v5, 7v7 etc. Also please make sure you assign each player a number, if a player hasn’t been assigned a number the match can not start.

How can I restart a game if I accidentally start the match timer early?

Long hold (force press) on the main timer screen to bring up the option to “restart segment” or end a half early.

How can I undo an entry if I’ve made a mistake?

Long hold (force press) on the main timer screen to bring up the option to “undo last event”.

What other languages do you offer?

We offer English, Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese. We’re also working on adding German, Italian and Portuguese soon. 

Can I edit a match report once it’s completed?

Yes! Once a match is completed click to view the match report. Next click edit and you will be able to add events that were missed as well as edit the time and player number associated with each event.