Getting Started

Instructions for Managers, Assessors and Observers

Everything you need to get started using RefLIVE with your League

Activate Your Account

Activate Your Account

Activate your Account

You’ll receive an invitation via email with instructions to activate your account and get started.

If you don’t receive an invite, you can manually activate your account by visiting The Dashboard Homepage and selecting ‘Activate League Account’

If you get an error when entering your email address, please contact your referee manager because your account may not have been uploaded.

Completing Reports

Completing Reports

Create New Report

Select the green ‘New Report’ button on the dashboard homepage.

Select the relevant report, answer all the necessary questions and hit submit.

You can complete reports on any device.

Accessing the Dashboard

Accessing the Dashboard

Monitor Insights

Access data and insights from referees and assessors.

Dashboard Features

Dashboard Features

Dashboard Home

See all insights from the data recorded by referees and assessors.

Adjust the time period to see how the insights change.


See a list of every referee sorted by their wellbeing rating.

Dashboard Features

Dashboard Features

Assessors List

See every assessment completed by each assessor. Select an assessor to see an overview of their profile.

See how many assessments each referee has received.


Select a club to see a breakdown of behaviour for each team.

Dashboard Features

Dashboard Features

Weekly Report

View the data submitted by referees for a selected week of matches.


View all registered users and add, edit or remove referees, assessors and managers.

Edit the information for each user, change access requirements or delete users.

To add, remove or edit clubs and competitions, contact the RefLIVE Team.

You may not have access to this section of the dashboard.

Dashboard Features

Onboarding Presentation

Download the onboarding presentation as a PDF, or download the text in a word document to add the content to your own onboarding presentation.

Onboarding Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the admin section?

This is created by the Manager who invited you to use RefLIVE. You’ll need to contact them directly to receive admin access.


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