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Everything you need to get started using RefLIVE with your League

Activate Your Account

Activate Your Account

Complete a Report

Complete a Report

Rate Team Behaviour

Rate Team Behaviour

Access the Dashboard

Access the Dashboard



Activate Your Account

Activate Your Account

Activate your Account

You’ll receive an invitation via email with instructions to activate your account and get started.

If you don’t receive an invite, you can manually activate your account by visiting The Dashboard Homepage and selecting ‘Activate League Account’

If you get an error when entering your email address, please contact your referee manager because your account may not have been uploaded.

Completing Reports

Completing Reports

Creating a New Report

Select the green ‘New Report’ button on the dashboard homepage.

Select the relevant report, answer all the necessary questions and hit submit.

Rating Team Behaviour

To help create a better match day environment, RefLIVE enables you to provide feedback for the behaviour of all the teams you officiate after every game.

Each number on the 1-5 scale is further explained below:

1 – Extremely abusive – This indicates that members of a team provided consistent, ongoing abuse towards the referee or others involved in the game. It also indicates that, despite any attempted implementations from the referee, the teams behaviour did not improve over the course of the game. Rating a team a 1 out of 5 should be followed up with an incident report to provide additional information to your league about what specifically occurred and who was involved.

2 – Very abusive – This indicates that a team was poorly behaved for part or most of a game. There may have been multiple poor reactions to decisions, ongoing instances of poor sportsmanship or overall lack of respect for the referee and other team involved in the match. Rating a team a 2 out of 5 should be followed up with a comment outlining who in the team (coach, players, parents/supporters or a combination) created the issues.

3 – Occasionally abusive – This indicates there were occasional instances where a team exhibited negative behaviour. While infrequent, the behaviour at times could have been more respectful to the referees and the opposition. 

4 – Respectful – The team exhibited good behaviour and sportsmanship throughout the match. 

5 – Very respectful – The team exhibited outstanding behaviour throughout the match, respected the referees decisions and contributed to a positive match environment.

Accessing the Dashboard

Accessing the Dashboard

Monitor Insights

Complete reports, access your assessments and performance data and keep your profile up to date.

Login to your account here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use RefLIVE on a mobile device or a PC?

Yes, you can use RefLIVE on any device.

Log in via the dashboard homepage here.

Why are we using RefLIVE?

RefLIVE enables referees to provide insights directly to their manager after every match to team abuse, referee wellbeing and overall performance. Managers receive insights to know when and where to assist referees.

What type of comments should I provide for team behaviour?

You should always provide a comment when a team has received a 1 or 2 rating. The comment should give your manager more information about what happened, including if the players, coach’s or parents/supporters caused the rating to be low.

When should I submit a report after a game?

You should submit a report as soon as you can after a game while you can clearly remember everything that occurred. You can submit information up to a week later but you’re required to complete the report within 24 hours after a game.

Do I need a smartwatch to use RefLIVE?

No. Some referees use a smartwatch to track their performance and manage in-game tasks. Your league data is only required to be submitted outside of matches using a smartphone.


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