We've made it our mission to make paperwork a thing of the past, by creating apps and software that digitise the entire match day recording process. The pen and paper method has had a good run but it’s 2017 and about time football joined the 21st century.


Our story

The idea for RefLIVE came about while our founder, Simon Murphy, was watching an action-packed football (soccer) game. The referee was spending so much time recording match events on his notepad that it became increasingly frustrating as the extended stoppages began to impact the flow of the game. This in when he thought “there must be a better way!”. Drawing on his experience as a former referee, player, coach and administrator, Simon was able to clearly define the problem and begin working towards a solution. RefLIVE app for football (soccer) referees has since evolved into the most efficient, and advanced and yet simplest way to record match details. Designed for referees of all levels, the user-friendly interface is easy to use. Cutting down on recording time allows you to concentrate on the things that matter. Fans, parents, and coaches have also embraced RefLIVE to keep track of match events like goals, substitutions, cards, and the commonly debated issue of how much extra time is to be played. Currently used in over 70 countries and available in 4 languages, RefLIVE is the world leader in digital match recording.  We’re also the first app to ever be used in an official FIFA International.


Our team

We’re a hard-working team of problem-solving, sports enthusiasts, passionate about using technology to improve the match day experience. 

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