Our app for football (soccer) referees is the latest in sports officiating technology. With customisable features and ease of use, it will save you time when recording match details and reduce the risk of error. 


Customise pre-match information on your smartphone; including team lists, half-length, location, foul codes, and substitutions. Team lists will be saved for future use and may be edited at any time.

Home or away

Swipe right for the home team or left for the away team, to either enter a goal, card, or sub.


Tap goal, select penalty or own goal if applicable, and the scoring player’s number.

  Yellow and red cards

Select yellow or red card, with reason (foul code) and player number.


Select the player coming off for the player coming on. Number of substitutions used per team are displayed on home screen.

Match report

Sync and edit in-game details on your smartphone, to produce a digital match report.