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Simplify Match Day with the RefLIVE Smartwatch App.

Referees have enough to do on match day without having to use pen and paper to keep track. Our RefLIVE app was specifically designed to save time, simplify processes and transform the management experience for referees through technology.

Simplify Match Day with the RefLIVE Smartwatch App.

Everything you need, on your wrist

Add up stoppages, track substitutions and record all relevant match data through a simple app. An intuitive interface with plenty of shortcuts ensures you’ll spend less time looking at your notes and more time managing the game.

Foul in the box causing a penalty? Record the defender, assign a card and note all the details all before the ball is placed on the spot.

From the first to the last whistle, the RefLIVE app offers a smoother, simpler way to manage the game.

Reach your Referee Potential

From grassroots to FIFA International Level, every referee is looking to improve their performance and reach new heights. The RefLIVE app gives you the performance data to review and optimise your approach, while saying goodbye to match day paperwork.

Simplify Match Day with the RefLIVE Smartwatch App.

Simplify Match Day with the RefLIVE Smartwatch App.

Insights On The Go

As a referee, you’re not only focused on managing the game – you also strive to develop and become a better referee. By using the RefLIVE app during games, you’ll build a comprehensive profile of your own performance data to understand where your areas for development are.

Get access to*:
• Fitness and health statistics
• GPS tracked heatmap
• Upcoming (and previous) matches
• Historical match data, like average cards given per game, or per season

*Some features require integration with league administration software, click here for more details.

Why Referees Around the World Love the RefLIVE Smartwatch App

An absolute necessity for any football referee! Elegance and simplicity combined.

The Official
The Official
Australian Referee

I’m referee. And it’s the best app ever. Thanks to make my job easier!!

USA Referee

Very useful, with options to make stats more complex or just ref a simpler, lower level game. Great app!


Very quick, easy and simple to use, great dev support. Fantastic value for a free app!

UK Referee

It’s a useful score keeping app every person that plays a team sport should get on! Recommend 100%.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Send an email to support@reflive.com if you can’t find an answer below.

Do I need an Association Code to use the smartwatch app?

No, you can use the smartwatch app without an association code. An association code is only required when we’re working with your league to collect your wellness data to minimise abuse and monitor your well-being.

What smartwatches is the RefLIVE app compatible with?

Our app has been optimised for Apple Watches and Android Wear compatible watches.

Can I use the app for matches that are less than 11 v 11?

Yes! Provided the number of starting players for each team is equal. For example 5v5, 7v7 etc. Also please make sure you assign each player a number, if a player hasn’t been assigned a number the match can not start.

How can I restart a game if I accidentally start the match timer early?

Long hold (force press) on the main timer screen to bring up the option to “restart segment” or end a half early.

How can I undo an entry if I’ve made a mistake?

Long hold (force press) on the main timer screen to bring up the option to “undo last event”.

What other languages do you offer?

We offer English, Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese. We’re working to add more languages soon.

Can I edit a match report once it’s completed?

Yes! Once a match is completed click to view the match report. Next click edit and you will be able to add events that were missed as well as edit the time and player number associated with each event.

Can my league send me the player details before a match so I don’t have to type them in?

Yes! Get in touch with us via the contact us page and let us know where you’re from and what competition you referee in.